WAMS Leaders in Mine Surveying in WA

Proudly West Australian owned and operated.

WA Mine Surveyors (WAMS) is a WA owned and operated surveying company

With 25+ years of experience working throughout Australia. Tim Smith and Ryan Kelsall established the business in 2022 with the goal to provide quality surveying services to the mining industry. The team at WAMS understand the challenges companies undertake daily and can help deliver on short and long-term survey requirements.

With experience in construction surveying, underground mine surveying, open pit surveying, and more, WAMS is a business run by experienced surveyors willing to take on any project big or small.

Over Twenty Five Years of Professional Surveying Experience

The team at WA Mine Surveyors are experienced with aerial, surface and underground surveying delivered to the highest standard. Drawing on their experience, skills, and knowledge WAMS is the company that can provide you a millimeter mis-close.

About Us

Meet the Team

Tim Smith

Director | Grade 1 Authorised Mine Surveyor

As a surveyor with over 13 years of experience in the mining and construction industries, Tim graduated with an Advanced Diploma in 2009. After gaining a number of years of industry experience, he then obtained his Grade 1 Survey Authorisation in 2016.

Since starting his career as a contractor based in Kalgoorlie in 2006, he has gained an expansive skill set in all forms of surveying. Tim has been involved with a number of different projects ranging from construction projects in rural WA to large-scale open pit and underground mines.

Tim has previously held the statutory position of Authorised Surveyor and understands the requirements and responsibilities associated with that role. He has a strong attitude towards safety, with a clear commitment to all his colleagues and team members.

Ryan Kelsall

Director | Grade 1 Authorised Mine Surveyor

Graduating from Curtin University in 2008 with a BSc in Mine and Engineering Surveying. He initially found himself in the underground gold mines of WA. After gaining his Grade 1 Survey Authorisation in 2011 he has worked in various mines throughout Australia.

With over 10 years of underground mining experience in both production and project surveying roles. Ryan has worked as a contractor and an employee for various companies throughout Australia and understands the challenges faced by both types of work.

In addition to his mining experience, Ryan has 18 months of construction and structural mechanical piping (SMP) surveying. Working in Darwin on the INPEX gas project earlier in his surveying career allowed him to gain valuable experience which enables him to provide high-level support to all the technical services teams on site.

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