Survey Secondments

WAMS can supply surveyors for both short and long-term contracts. A diverse team ranging in experience and technical background ensures WAMS is an asset to your survey team.
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Underground Surveying

WAMS have underground mine surveyors experienced in various underground mining methods who are an asset to any team. WAMS have experience surveying across Australia and regardless of whether your site utilises Surpac, Deswick, Leica, Trimble, Optech or Geosight we have surveyors to suit your needs.

  • Department coverage – long or short term
  • Primary and secondary control surveys
  • Re-traversing
  • Stope surveys
  • EOM surveys and reporting
  • Diamond drill surveys
  • Mentoring
  • Development of safe working procedures

Open Pit Surveying

The team at WAMS can assist with surveying any open pit operation. From the super to the satellite the team at WAMS have the experience and qualifications to meet all your open pit survey requirements.

  • End-of-month stockpile pickups and volume calculations
  • Pit wall monitoring
  • Surface asbuilt surveys of mine site infrastructure and topography
  • Setting out and picking up of grade control drilling
  • Marking out of ore bodies and blast patterns
  • Berm setouts and batter checks
  • Surveying of rip lines for associated grade control
  • Setout of waste dump extents and “tip-to” lines

Aerial Surveys

As a current ReOC holder WAMS can assist your project with all things aerial.

  • Asset inspections
  • Stockpile surveys and volume calculations
  • Aerial photography

Control Surveys and Network Adjustments

Re-traversing and network adjustments are fundamental tasks of any surveyor but can easily be passed over and pushed out by production pressures. The team at WAMS can provide these services while your team concentrate on production. Whether your operation is taking its first cut or has been in operation for years, contact the WAMS team today to see how we can assist.

Exploration & Drill Program Surveys

  • Asbuilt surveys of exploration drill collars
  • Pegging of exploration grids and drill programs

Career Opportunities:
WAs Leading Surveyors

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